AnnerPerrin is a design studio founded by Andrea Anner and Martina Perrin.
We develop concepts and implement projects across various media.
We engage in close collaboration with our clients to create contemporary solutions,
that not only look good, but make sense.

Art Direction
Books, Catalogues
Corporate Identities
Exhibition Design
Information Design
Type Design
Web Design

BTA , Business Transformation Academy, Basel
Casa Azul Films, film productions, Lausanne
Cheil worldwide, London
Climate Kic, climate innovation initiative, Zurich
DandyVisions, event managment, Lausanne
Faveeo, webservices, Geneva
gutundgut, consultancy for tourism, Zurich
Meister Keramik, ceramics, Zurich
Moyard, furniture store, Morges
Pramma, handbags, New York
Samsung Electronics, Seoul/Suwon
Schweizer Museumspass, Swiss Museum Pass, Zurich
SAC, Swiss Alpine Club
SMG immobilien, real estate, Zurich
Tourismus Camp Schweiz, tourism event, Zurich
ZürichLaw Rechtsanwälte, lawyers, Zurich

ECAL, University of Art and Design, Lausanne
HSLU, Lucern University of Applied Science and Arts, Lucerne
UB, Bern University, Bern
ZHDK, Zurich Univeristy of the Arts, Zurich

Atelier für Architekturphotographie, photography studio, Zurich
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, designer, Paris
Florian Butsch, actor, Zurich
Céline Burnand, artist, Berlin
Pierre Charpin, designer, Paris
Lili Gayman, designer, Paris
Jeanne Graff, curator, Lausanne
Vincent Hofmann, artist, Zurich
Loris & Livia, designer, London
Florence Minder, writer, Brussels
Valeria Napoleone, art collector, London
Rachel Noel, director, Lausanne
Richard Tisserand, artist, Paris/Eschenz

Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg, Swiss Open Air Museum, Brienz
Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, art foundation, Lausanne
HotelPalenque, Berlin
Kunstbetrieb, production of artistic projects, Basel
Kunsthalle Roveredo, artist residency, Roveredo
Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, art space, Kreuzlingen
Netzwerk Cinéma CH, Lausanne
Salts, gallery, Birsfelden
Thurgauische Kunstgesellschaft, art society, Weinfelden
Les Urbaines, festival, Lausanne

gamut, Zurich
Joscha Schraff Trio, Zurich
Richmans Kitchen Orchstra, Zurich

Master Interaction Design, Supsi, Lugano
FH Bielefeld

ten to six, FH Bielefeld

We have gained experience in working for following studios
Graphic Thought Facility ( GTF ), London
Greenspace, London
Greige, Berlin
Manuel Raeder, Berlin
Magic Pencil, Lausanne
Sara de Bondt studio, London
Simon Palmieri, Berlin
Swiss Typefaces, Lausanne/Berlin
Value and Service, London

We have studied at
ECAL, Lausanne
ZHDK, Zurich
FHNW, Aarau
KADK, Copenhagen

A pdf portfolio

Andrea Anner
+49 163 825 23 58

Martina Perrin
+41 79 749 06 74

Pramma SS16. Info

Art Direction and Lookbook for the Pramma Spring Sommer 2016 handbags collection. Forms of lights and colours show the bags in the best light.

Client: Pramma
Format: Art Direction, Website
Development: Arnas Ziedavicius
Photos: Jenny van Sommers
Year: 2015

Samsung SERIF TV. Info

In close collaboration with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Gaël Hugo we developped the graphic part of the user interface for SERIF TV, that we nicknamed the “curtain mode”: Like pulling a curtain over the screen, the user interface applies a filter over the content giving an abstract impression of what is going on behind. When the “curtain mode” is active, viewers can access simple services such as a clock, Bluetooth speakers, apps and their photo gallery. SERIF TV was presented at Somerset House during London Design Festival. We were in charge of the exhibition graphics and designed printed matter such as a VIP-catalogue and postcards.

Client: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Samsung
Format: User Interface, Exhibition Graphics, Catalogue, Postcards
Collaboration with: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Gaël Hugo
Development: Gaël Hugo (onemorestudio)
Photos: Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Year: 2015

Catalogue for the Master of Fine Arts 2015, HSLU. Info

The diploma catalogue for the Master of Fine Arts, Art Teaching and Art in Public Spaces at HSLU is a set of folded cards. There is one card per student, with an image, a keyword and a description of the project. The cards come in a box, containting a map of the exposed artworks.

Client: HSLU, University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Format: Set of folded cards, box
Year: 2015

Website for gutundgut. Info

gutundgut develop and implement projects for tourism, leisure and culture. We developed their visual identity, drew their logotype and designed their portfolio website.

Client: gutundgut
Format: logotype, stationery, website
Development: Axial
Year: 2015

Catalogue for Meisterkeramik. Info

Client: Meisterkeramik
Format: catalogue
Year: 2014

Website for Moyard. Info

Moyard is a furniture and interior design shop in Morges, Switzerland. It’s an almost 200 years old family business lead by Mathieu Winkler in the 7th generation. Alongside traditional craftsmanship his polisher, decorator and quilter workshops he pursues the production and sale of contemporary design and art. The website presents Moyard’s products, showrooms, workshops, staff and history.

Client: Moyard SA
Format: Website
Collaboration with: Daniela & Tonatiuh
Photos: Daniela & Tonatiuh
Year: 2015

Website for Salon Obergass. Info

Salon Obergass is a project initiated by Reto Müller and Martina Perrin. In 2014 Salon Obergass presented
„Wir und die Mülchis“, an installation with 100 year old photographs by Fritz Mülchi in his historic house, as well as a „salon des artistes“ with contemporary artists and designers. In 2015, Salon Obergass was invited to Museum Lindwurm and presented „Wir und die Windlers“ with 14 projectors and 9 live musicians. For each event we’ve printed a magazine.

Format: Website, Magazine, Installation, Event
Collaboration with: Reto Müller
Photos: Salon Obergass, Sebastian Stadler
Bruno & Eric Bührer
Year: 2015

Creative Solutions: Luke Archer
Gastro: Amenie
Music: Joscha Schraff, Tapiwa Svosve, Vojko Huter, Xaver Rüegg, Noam Szyfer, Tobias Pfister, Silvan Schmid, Marena Whitcher.

Catalogue for Richard Tisserand. Info

Richard Tisserand is a Swiss painter. The catalogue presents his practice during the last 10 years, which is mainly reverse-painted glass. We tried to approach his paintings from very different angles to make his work as much comprehensive to the reader as possible. Texts and Images where all produced for this publication following the six chapters: documentary in his Atelier, descriptive and precise about the rare technique, literary with the subjects, overwhelming and passionate in the paint and all-embracing in the index and info chapter.

Client: Richard Tisserand
Format: Catalogue
Photos: Sebastian Stadler
Year: 2014

Website for Richard Tisserand. Info

The Website is mainly intended to provide general information with its conventional archive and news part.

Client: Richard Tisserand
Format: Website
Development: Manuel Schmalstieg
Year: 2014

Identity for Salts. Info

SALTS is a non-for-profit space that aims at developing outstanding proposals that respond to the specificity of its location. The new identity has been developed taking into account the old logo, reusing subtly the legacy 3D effect.

Client: SALTS, Birsfelden
Format: Identity, logotype
Year: 2014

Website for Salts. Info

The website of SALTS has been designed to put the outstanding photographic documentation of each exhibitions forward. A split-effect makes portrait and landscape imagery blend together, creating surprising juxtapositions between exhibitions.

Client: SALTS, Birsfelden
Format: Website
Collaboration with: Thibault Brevet
Development: AATB
Year: 2014

Wo ist Toni? Exhibition and five books. Info

An exhibition at the inauguration of Toni-Areal, the new builing of ZHDK, and at Z-Club, Venice during the 14th Architecture Biennale. “Wo ist Toni?” tells the story of Europe’s former largest dairy factory and its new purpose as the campus of Zurich Univeristy of the Arts. Five research volumes reveal architectural and industrial traces of the former diary factory in Switzerland, Poland, Turky, the Netherlands and Pakistan.

Client: Zurich University of the Arts, ZHDK
Format: Exhibition, books (5 volumes, english and german edition), animated projections, poster, invite, leaflet
Collaboration with: Vera Ryser and Nina Bühlmann
Photos: Martin Moll
Year: 2014

Website for Kunstraum Kreuzlingen. Info

Kunstraum Kreuzlingen and Tiefparterre is a space for contemporary art on the Lake Constance. There is a bright industrial room for sculpture and painting and a dark basement room mainly for video and light installations. The website shows the exhibitions as detailed as possible with video tours, images and full length recordings of the talks.

Client: Kunstraum Kreuzlingen
Format: Website
Collaboration with: Reto Müller
Development: Manuel Schmalstieg
Year: 2014

Brochures for ECAL. Info

A series of brochures for ecal, presenting students work realised in one week workshops at ECAL.

Client: ECAL
Format: Catalogue
Year: 2011-13

Various posters for ECAL. Info

Ecal posters

Client: ECAL
Format: poster
Year: 2011–13

Back to School. Info

Communication material for an exhibition of ECAL students.

Client: ECAL
Format: poster, catalogue, exhibition graphics
Year: 2013

ECAL cards. Info

Various cards to promote exhibitions and conferences held at ECAL.

Format: Invites
Year: 2011-13

Archive website for Les Urbaines. Info

Les Urbaines is a festival for music, visual and performing arts in Lausanne. To contrast the strong identity developed each year, the Archives website has been developed as a more neutral and quiet object, that will accompany the changing identities along the years to come. An intuitive list browser lets visitors explore the full archive by using simple dynamic filters that can be combined to access details documents rapidly.

Client: Urbaines
Format: Website
Collaboration with: Thibault Brevet
Development: AATB
Year: 2014

Les voleurs de bicyletettes. Info

Format: Invites
Year: 2013

Website for Kunsthalle Roveredo. Info

Kunsthalle Roveredo is an artist residency in the Swiss mountains. The website presents the residentes as well as the program.

Client: Kunsthalle Roveredo
Format: Website
Collaboration with: Thibault Brevet
Development: AATB
Year: 2014

Website for Lili Gayman. Info

Identity for Lili Gayman Design Studio

Client: Lili Gayman, Paris
Format: Identity, logotype, business cards, website
Collaboration with: Thibault Brevet
Development: AATB
Year: 2014

Website for Hotel Palenque. Info

Hotel Palenque is presenting a number of artists’ commissions in different art spaces around Europe. The website shows upcoming events and is an archive of past exhibitions.

Client: Elise Lammer, Berlin
Format: Website
Collaboration with: Thibault Brevet
Development: AATB
Year: 2014

Identity for Kunstbetrieb. Info

Kunstbetrieb is one of the most important casting houses in Switzerland. In order to get to know their employees, working processes and materials, we initiated a one week workshop and realised a material archive catalogue. The identiy is on hold due to restructuring of Kunstbetrieb.

Client: Kunstbetrieb, Basel
Format: Identity, logotype, brochure
Collaboration with: Sarah Klein
Photos: Julien Gremaud
Year: 2012

Suisse Int’l Condensed. Info

Under the guidance of Ian Party and in accordance with Suisse Int’l, I was drawing Suisse Int’l Condensed, a family with six weights and their italics.

Client: Swiss Typefaces, Lausanne
Format: Typeface in six weights with their italics
Collaboration with: Ian Party
Year: 2012–13

Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, 1991—1996. Info

In 2016 the Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art will celebrate its 25th year. Students of the Master of Art Direction were invited to participate in the first part of the Nestlé Jubilee Project, for which the brief was to—through photography—re-imagine past projects that were supported by the foundation. Our proposal for the design of the book was chosen and realized.

Client: Nestlé Art Foundation, Lausanne
Format: Book
Collaboration with: Florine Bonaventure and Winfried Heiniger
Photos: Julien Gremaud
Year: 2012

Finito Typeface. Info

The typeface Finito is a humanistic sans-serif for text, optimized for small sizes. It comes in six weights and (so far) one italic. Finito is based upon the same structure than the Rouillé, they share some peculiarities.

Format: Typeface in six weights and one italic
Year: 2012

Master Thesis in Master of Art Direction: Type Design at ECAL. Supervised by François Rappo, Ian Party, Gilles Gavillet, Kai Bernau, Frederik Berlaen and Paul Barnes

Finito Specimen. Info

Three half-bound books serve as specimen for Finito. Same text is shown in lower- and uppercase on opposite pages.

Format: Type specimen: three half-bound books
Year: 2012

Master Thesis in Master of Art Direction: Type Design at ECAL. Supervised by François Rappo, Ian Party, Gilles Gavillet, Kai Bernau, Frederik Berlaen and Paul Barnes. Photos: Julien Gremaud

Bound. Info

Project during the Master of Art Direction: Type Design at ECAL. Supervised by Lukas Wassmann, Ludovic Balland, Gilles Gavillet, Angelo Crimele and François Rappo. BOUND are various small publications on the theme of the book: a book on making books, a lexicon on book related terms, a book on the digitising of books, a set of postcards, a poster, a series of portraits.

Format: Various small publications, bag, poster
Collaboration with: Philippe Karrer and Basile Mookherjee
Photos: Julien Gremaud
Year: 2011

The Rouillé Typeface. Info

The Rouillé is a revival of a French Renaissance typeface from 1581, possibly designed by Robert Granjon. It is a contemporary re-interpretation of a typeface originally cut in steel.

Format: Typeface
Year: 2010–11

Project during the Master of Art Direction: Type Design at ECAL.

Identity for Loris&Livia. Info

Identity for London based product designers Loris&Livia. Two Ls and an ampersand build the core of their identity.

Client: Loris&Livia, London
Format: Logo, typeface, business cards, stationery, website
Development: Philippe Egger
Year: 2010